Tuesday 15 May 2012

"Wading in the River Water" Playlist

Search & Destroy ~ Sanders Bohlke
There Is                 ~ Jono McCleery
Go Do                    ~ Jonsi
Quiet Ye Voices    ~ Sanders Bohlke
The War               ~Sanders Bohlke
Windows Are Rolled Down  ~Amos Lee
I Still Care For You     ~Ray LaMontagne
Flower                        ~Amos Lee
Sit Down Beside Me    ~Patrick Watson
Im On My Way         ~ Yo La Tango
Wolverine                ~ Sufjan Stevens
Pacific                        ~Sleeping At Last

*Picture taken by myself, in Pai, Thailand April 2010
* Thank you to teachers, Carolyn Anne Budgell and Alex Mazerolle for introducing me to Sanders Bohlke. He's made my bus rides quite splendid.