Thursday 24 May 2012

Love Is All Around

      Watching Love Actually on Christmas Eve has become a family tradition, since it was released in 2003. After years and years of watching Home Alone, I remember feeling relieved when the aging video was finally replaced.
     This modern flick opens with a scene that magically conveys how, "love is all around". Despite the movie's beautiful message, I've always had a hard time buying it. I suppose I couldn't ever relate to it...until now.
       During one of the most challenging times of my life, a time where I'm learning myself all over again, a time where loneliness is my new lover, I surprisingly feel like Hugh Grant is my homeboy at last. We are on the same page; We speak the same language. And for those of you who haven't seen the movie, he was the actor paid to deliver this universal message.
       There are many situations in life that leave us empty, and feeling widowed.  If we feel friendless, partner less, loveless -like we're the only one surviving on this planet-how the hell can we experience any form of love?
       In the last month I've had three separate experiences that proved to me, "love is all around"...TRULY!
         Although, here's the catch. At the time, my expectation for a loving connection was not high. I wasn't seeking it, and surprisingly I was doing the opposite. I was quite raw in my feeling of emptiness, which is why I believe I was present enough to catch these beautiful moments.
    The first encounter was simple. I was walking down my street, and my head was high. Down a ways, I noticed the post man draped over a tall fence. He was clearly taking a break for a chit chat with my neighbour. The scene could have been taken right out of the TV show, Home Improvement. As I slowly strolled passed, I caught wind of their playful banter, and my heart began to warm and my face began to smile. I wondered if they did this everyday. I wondered if my neighbour made sure he was out in the yard for this daily, magical hour. Or maybe I was experiencing their very first conversation. Either way it didn't matter. Their connection bled onto me and I no longer felt alone.
       The next two scenes happened in the same afternoon.
        I walked into a random furniture store to get essential oils... I know random! However, not so random because the shop was recommended to me by a good friend, and she insisted that I wouldn't be disappointed. The store was gracefully littered with pieces straight from India. The room was bumping with traditional tunes put to modern beats. The only soul present was the owner himself: Ray! AND PRESENT HE WAS! He guided me through each oil, story telling along the way of where each one was from in India, and which ingredients were mixed into what masterpieces. We talked chakras, we talked yoga, we talked Goddesses, we talked of India's dynamics and quirks, and we talked for a good 45 minutes. I didn't want to leave. Who was this human being?  I couldn't leave. The most refreshing part of it was, the connection was not sexual. Our new found relationship was 100% pure and sacred, and I left feeling loved by an ancient friend.
   My last encounter left me with hope- hope for myself, and for my ability to love another human who in the past I might have judged.
   On my way home from the furniture oasis, I walked past a yard sale that was actually selling "yard". Oh happy day...I was needing soil and plants!! All of the proceeds from the compost sold went towards supporting rescued kittens. I bought 3 HUGE bags, before realizing I had no way of lugging them home. But...oh happy day: a strapping young man was there for that very thing, and he sweetly offered to help. On the way home, as he sweat and struggled with my load, we made awkward conversation. Sebastian was a scrawny 18 year old, a student of Genetic Engineering, who couldn't keep eye contact, and freely admitted that he got roped into this gig simply because he loved kittens. When that fact escaped his mouth, I softened and let him win me over completely. He was so curious and open. He found my career and details of my life fascinating. He even gasped as he walked into my living room, expressing how gorgeous the lighting was. And throughout our time together, he kept thanking me for helping the little kittens. What a loving being!
   When it was time to part ways, I verbally thanked him, but all I wanted to do was give him a big hug. He left me with the same feeling of unconditional love that lingers after spending an afternoon with one of my siblings. Sebastian was a complete stranger!

      Yoga teaches us that despite our differences, we are all the same. We all want to love, and to be loved in return. I know a quick act of kindness, from a stranger, does not carry the same depth of love that a passionate kiss might hold, from a special intimate other, but it's still LOVE. Lets not take any amount for granted.
       May we stress the importance, and beauty of those connections we might have breezed over in the past. May we open our eyes, and hearts to Cupid's arrows that are soaring through the sky, and darting around our world.
      Alas, that's the least we could do for the poor guy. He's working so damn hard for us!