Thursday 14 April 2011

Bloggers Block

I love to write. You'd think that blogging would be the perfect way to re-visit my favourite subject in school, however this site has left me with a sore jaw. I've been resisting this page, gripping every time I'd visit it. I suppose it's because I'm not quite sure of the rules. But that's just it...blogging is supposed to be very hippie, and liberating. Spelling doesn't even count, the shorter the sentences the better, sloppy fingers&29.... , nobody is marking this shit.. can you swear? Arg.. rules, back to the rules. Type A man, type A.
I guess I'm finding blogging like journaling, and that's comforting for me. On the other hand, it's not like writing in your diary at all. People are reading, and my inner critique comes out. My scenario gets even more complicated, as I've included a blog on my yoga site, my professional, "work related" site. So should I keep my posts limited to insights, knowledge, and quotes only directed towards yoga? But then I feel my 6th chakra gripping up at the thought of this limitation. Will letting it all hang out ever put a future job on the line? To be silenced, but allow others to feel comfortable, or do I rip off my pencil skirt, and loosen the tight bun, to risk loosing a few?
I remember yoga teacher, Sadie Nardini, saying, "Hell yes, I want to work barefoot". This is my work, and I'm grateful. I can hit the pavement, join the daily grind, but do it without covering the soles of my feet. I get paid to maintain authentic connections! The more I discover who I am honestly, the better guide I will be for others, and the work will take care of itself.
So as of today, I've made a promise that no matter who I'm directing to this site, it will make no difference on what I write. Anything I'm moved to share, I will post. For part of my job is to always remember Satya (truth), to remember to inspire, and to remind others, and myself, to never sensor your light. Especially from those ones you fear blinding the most!
This blog is for me, but this blog is for you. What's the difference anyhow?
Consider my blogging block unclogged!

Picture: Sunset in Pai. Thailand trip 2010