Friday 14 January 2011

2012: How Accurate are the Mayans?

I'm seeing all of these natural disasters and can't help but think it's a lead up to 2012. But then I hear my boyfriend's voice in my head saying, "Emily, it's normal! We've had the appropriate number of disasters this year."
Then I go to class and hear my crazy, hippie teachers say that we need to prepare for a big shift. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Somebody tell me, before I manifest 2012 through my own fearful worry.
Today I felt a sliver of peace. I watched a video shared by my inspirational friend, Jodi. It was a conversation that finally resonated with me, and by my constant "mmmms" and head nodding, I could tell I digged it,. The speaker left me feeling carefree about the whole situation, because frankly, I'm scared. I have a great fear that the whole world will die together. Can you imagine the chaos, can you imagine the airports, can you imagine CNN? Damn, they'd just love this piece of drama to dramatize. But I'm scared for the waiting. When will this happen, how will this happen, who will I be with, will I be able to get with my family, where would we go to prep for death? I know so morbid.
However in the video today, the speaker brought to me that sliver. She was a tad bit on the mystical side, but still. She believes the Mayans are right. Not that the world will end, but there will be an energetic shift. She expressed the new age of Aquarius is upon us, and that we should be excited. I'm not entirely educated with the meaning of this age, but regardless, it will bring goodness.
Even if 2012 doesn't happen, we can't afford not to change, and the Mayans predict we will. This evolution includes coming together with our neighbours, as we will need each other to maintain strength. To live from the heart chakra, and to do everything with love behind it. To depend less on progressing technologically, but to move forward with the human connection. I can resonate with this, as I'm sure you can as well.
She also shared that when/if there is a shift, there will be a moment of darkness for days. However the ones who stay bright, the ones who encourage others to stay bright, will survive to see the sun shining again. At this stage in the video, there were beautiful pictures of our earth. I couldn't get over the colour and vibrancy of what is believed to be unravelled. And there was no talk of death, only survival to rebirth.
I'd like to think that we'll re-learn how to connect deeply with each other, as humans, and also to this earth. To no longer abuse it's beauty for our own selfish beauty. To begin to accept the power of our intuition, to feel energies, and to openly express all that we feel and sense, without judgement. See this would be a lovely shift and end to our current world, which resides only in the 3rd chakra. But you can feel it vibrating up to the 4th, the heart, and it feels nice.
Really, who knows what will happen in good ol' 2012. Even if you're a saint, guru, mystic, scientist, or geologist, we'll never know until the year becomes our present. Maybe the Mayans won't be accurate, but the message which I received from the video was, can we live with that urgency for change? We might think that if we don't evolve to conscious, loving, sensitive beings, a gigantic wave will tower over the whole world. Does it always take fear to force a shift? Hope not. How about, "life is good" ? With that in mind, even if the sky falls on our heads, we'll die with a smile on our faces, and love in our souls. And even if 2012 is just another normal year, can it be filled with the benefits of the shift we made in preparation for THE END? I'll take a little fear, a little rising from the ashes, if its means those beautiful images I saw in the video will manifest.
Life is good, but maybe the Mayans knew we could make it better:)