Friday 15 April 2011

Playlist for Thurs April 14th

A good little blast of tunes, for an hour power. Starts with an electronic/Indian morph, moves into feel good electronic beats, slows down to loose reggae, right down to acoustic, and ends with a classic 70's folk tune. Don't ask me how I made it flow but it actually worked! Enjoy

Epic -
Karsh Kale
Finally Moving -Pretty Lights
Separator- Radiohead
Switch Up- Pretty Lights
Finley Quay
This World- Zero 7
The Nest - Jose Gonzalez
Which Will- Nick Drake

P.S. Radiohead's new album, "King of Limbs" is so magical. It's a great Alice in Wonderland like adventure. The beats are perfect for an upbeat class, and the 6th and 7th songs are savasana gems. One student said that "Codex" (the 6th) made her feel like she was swimming. "Lotus Flower" fits Surya Namaskar's constant flow and carefree nature. I made a joke that the song also went well with making love;) And later discovered that often the pulsation of Sun Salutation resembles the same rhythm as sex. No? Yes? Anyone with me on that one? Think about it next time !!!