Sunday 23 September 2012

Ambient Noise Playlist

~This playlist creates such a great vibe in the yoga studio, especially if it's mixed with backbends. "Life is good" is the message that it brings, along with great sighs and moans of relief.  So turn this one up and stretch your chests, open your hearts and feel euphoric!

1) Wash ~ Bon Iver
2) July ~ Youth Lagoon
3) Cannons~ Youth Lagoon
4) Calgary~ Bon Iver
5) Afternoon~ Youth Lagoon
6) Go Do ~ Jonsi
7) Cool Knowledge ~ Volcano Choir
8) Crystal Rope ~ Gayngs
9) House of Cards~ Radiohead
10) Montana ~ Youth Lagoon
11) Left Behind~ Zero 7
12) Vito's Ordination Song ~ Sufjan Stevens
13) Belles ~ Andrew Belle

~~~Trevor Powers, of Youth Lagoon, is not yet 20 and he recorded The Year of Hibernation in his kitchen, bedroom and garage of all places! It is one of the most peaceful albums I've ever heard and it's absolutely perfect for fall~~~