Friday 24 August 2012

Advance Your Asana Workshop

  • ADVANCE your ASANA. challenge yourself. Ask ?s. EXPLORE. take your time. Gain Confidence. build COMMUNITY. Be Inspired. 
    Join Sarah Crawford Russell and I this October for this fun and interactive 4 part workshop series for the dedicated yogi. Be ready to challenge your yoga practice and empower yourself. Each workshop will focus on a specific theme, allowing participants to deeply immerse themselves in the practice while learning new skills and possibly a few helpful tricks too!

    3:00-4:30pm at Unity Yoga 1672 E10th Ave, Vancouver

    $90 for all four workshops!
    or $30 individually

    Saturday October 6th - Inversions 
    In this workshop we'll tackle any pose where your heart is above your head. We'll give you the proper ingredients to whip up your best expression of the upside down postures. You'll leave feeling confident and cleansed!

    Saturday October 13th - Arm Balances 
    Side Crow, Dragonfly, Side Plank and much more! This workshop will open your shoulders and strengthen your core, allowing you to gracefully balance on your hands, forearms and even chin! Come experiment and play!

    Saturday October 20th - Backbends
    With an emphasis on core stability and postural alignment, this workshop will explore the components and benefits of backbending safely and mindfully. Come willing to challenge yourself, let go of fear and stretch beyond the ideas you have of your limits, your practice and yourself!

    Saturday October 27th - Breath Awareness From Tadasana to Savasana
    Find synchronicity and bliss between your breath and movement. This workshop will focus on how pranayama can dramatically expand your experience on your mat and how to consciously sustain your breath the entire way through your practice. You will be encouraged to find the stamina, endurance and confidence that you never knew you had! 

    SIGN UP at Unity Yoga, or email me @