Thursday 26 April 2012

Groove Playlist

~ Here is a sexy playlist that grooves perfectly with Vinyasa/Flow/Power yoga. 
On the list is Randy Ponzio, who was a talented artist  from Vancouver. I first discovered Randy when he opened for Ziggy Marley, and I couldn't get his music out of my head for days. Last year he unfortunately passed away, but when his songs come on, I crank em a little bit louder in hopes that he can feel an entire yoga class sweating away to his jams!

Tomorrow~ Jono McCleery
Fears~ Jono McCleery
Goodbye Forever~ Kero One
Phantom of Smiles~ Randy Ponzio
Flashback~ Fat Freddy's Drop
Keep Pushin~ Kero One
Settle Down~ Kimbra
Wonderful Life~ Jono McCleery
New Love (acoustic)~ Josh Heinrichs
The Gaudy Side of Town~ Gayngs
She Moves~Jono McCleery
Veerabhadra Either ~Sound Ambassador (for savasana)