Thursday 29 December 2011

Playlist: "Random Rab" Rocks

I'm not 100% how I came across Random Rab. Although I am pretty positive he played at Burning Man, and I'm convinced his music is in love with Flow yoga, and Flow yoga is in love with him; They are the perfect pair.
Enjoy this feel good scramble I have compiled :)

1) Melting Into the Sun - Random Rab
2) The Whisper - Random Rab
3) Master of Gyroscopes- Random Rab
4) Weird Fishes/Apreggi- Radiohead
5) Behind the Light- Bonobo
6) Train Wreck ( Sly & Robbie Mix)- Sarah McLachlan
7) Island, Is- Volcano Choir
8) Separator- Radiohead
9) For My Corpse- Random Rab
10) Corpse Pose- Divination