Monday 20 July 2015

Unity Retreats Photo Shoot

       My retreat partner and I have quite the year ahead of us. We're returning to the farm on Salt Spring Island, October 1st for a weekend retreat. This place is beginning to feel like our second home, so much so that the owners don't even bother giving the welcome tour anymore-they leave that up to us! Autumn is my favourite time to be on the grounds of Stowel Lake Farm. For starters, about 95% of the food we eat is harvested from the land we walk on that weekend. The mornings and evenings are cool, which gives you an excuse to wrap yourself in a knitted sweater, or a bright red pajama onesie;) Due to the time of year, this trip has naturally taken on a different energy and our activities seem to be more inwardly focused. We've added an evening around the campfire, blindfolded Hatha yoga, a nutrition talk with the farm's chef, Haidee, and time to journal, nap, and reflect. We hope you can join us to experience the magic of the Island.

       2016 brings a year full of travel for Unity Retreats. In February, we're flying to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, for a week retreat to The Yoga Forest. This unique venue overlooks volcanoes and a shimmering lake. The trip is an off-the-grid, backpacking adventure. If you're the camping, outdoorsy type, this will be right up your alley. We promise a cultural experience, facing head on the local lifestyle of this magnificent country.

     We loved our trip to Costa Rica so much that we are returning for a second Tropical Transformation retreat. From March 3rd-9th, we'll be relaxing in lounge chairs, with a cerveza, overlooking the ocean from the jungle where Selva Armonia Eco-Centre resides. This week will be all about yoga, swimming in waterfalls, and strolling along the never ending beach. The pace will be slow. Strolling around the gardens, exploring the foreign flora and fauna and the birds and butterflies who rest on them, is a common favourite past time here. What I loved about my experience last year was how connected I felt to the jungle life; all of it being new to me. One morning, I was practicing yoga on my cabana deck and looked up to see a monkey watching me from a nearby tree. 
     Join us for a luxurious week in paradise. 

    Anyway, my point of this blog entry was to share our new photos, shot by the talented Laura Zeke. We feel they exude what Sue and I offer and they express perfectly the dynamics between us. 
      Enjoy xo