Wednesday 9 July 2014

Namaste TV Write Up

       Over the last month I was lucky enough to shoot a yoga DVD and TV series with Namaste TV. Their unique sequences are safe and accessible and are perfect for days where you just want to stay in and do yoga in your PJs. My favourite thing about this project was being able to practice yoga in gorgeous locations around BC. As a full time teacher, it's difficult to venture out past city borders. So while filming tree pose in the thickest forest, Savasana in a glacier fed lake (which actually was torture), and airplane pose hovering high over the ocean, I was pinching myself!!!!  I hope that my love for yoga, and appreciation for the nature I was engulfed in, shows in each episode.  Below is little article that Namaste whipped up featuring yours truly. Keep your eye out for Namaste TV airing this fall :)

Here are a few photos from our shoot:

Beautiful (secret) location

The freezing cold lake

Hovering above the water. It was higher than it looks, and incredibly hard to balance on as it hung right over the ocean and our gaze point was moving water. 

Our trailer 

Driving the trailer like a champ

Michelle getting touched up

Going over sequences 

Cocos Pure Coconut water saved us. We shot on some really hot days.