Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Outrageous Request: No Pop Music In Class Please!

    There once was a man who ventured into my class and put in a very specific request. While other students shared what body part they wanted to open up, and/or what pose they wanted to try, this student announced that he didn't want me to play pop music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     I immediately reacted with a laugh and I reassured him that there wasn't going to be any Britney or N'Sync mixed into my jams that day. However, this dude was serious-he didn't want any lyrics in the music and he didn't want anymore words invading his head.
     Even though his request did get my back up, I had to consider where he was coming from. I'm sure he wasn't the only one out there who was lyrically sensitive, especially during a practice where your senses are being heightened and fine tuned.
     Personally I'm not one of those people, because for me lyrics tend to go unnoticed. Instead of the artist's words affecting me, it has always been the musical progression and instrumentation that catches my ear. I know this is a result of growing up in a very musical household.
   My parents met in band when they were 17. My mom is still studying to this day, and has recently gone back to University to study music performance and her beloved French Horn. As for my dad he now and again taps out an intricate rhythm with his butter knife, while waiting for his morning toast. Though he still has an ear to die for, I'll give him that!
       Growing up classical music filled our house and my mom would drill us on the time signatures, key instruments, and composers of various compositions. My sisters and I would put on figure skating routines and to accompany us we'd splice together three different tempos of music, editing them to a tee. All of this, along with being forced to play the flute until I was 18, has allowed me to become quite aware of what goes on behind the lyrics.
    I like to think I'm somewhat musically inclined, and that is probably why I took such offense to the gentleman's request; I put a lot of care into my playlist.
    And shit, it's quite funny there is so much stress on music in yoga classes nowadays. Traditionally, yoga was done in silence. I actually find my most challenging, and yet most profound practices have been when there is no music playing at all. You are forced to sit with your monkey mind, your emotions and the moment, without escaping away to the background beats. Maybe this student was onto something...
   However, it's 2012 and sometimes we just need to be swept elsewhere and moved by music.
   I'd like to dedicate this semi-instrumental playlist to the man who ventured into my class and made an outrageous, but relevant request!

3am ~ Bearcubs
Gravity ~ a k u a
Stay The Same~ Bonobo
Hill Sighed ~ Emancipator
Jet Strem ~ Emancipator
Safe in the Steep Cliffs ~ Emancipator
Reckoner~ Radiohead
Porcelain~ Moby
Eyes Down ~ Bonobo
Anthem (Nym Remix) ~ Emancipator
Push Harder~ a k u a
Deep~ Citizen Cope
Husks and Shells~ Volcano Choir

****  Akua is a beautiful artist from Montreal. We went to summer camp together and she's going to take the music world by storm very soon! Catch her while you can. --->>>