Thursday 10 November 2011

Recommendations for Inspiration #2: SARAH SLEAN

WHAT: Canadian Singer Songwriter, Poet, Painter, Actress
WHO: Sarah Slean
WHY: I fell in love with Ms. Slean during my last year of high school. A good friend had watched her play at one of our little, local venues, in Peterborough Ontario. She told a tale of this eccentric, exotic, bare foot, pianist who song like she came straight out of the 1940s.
And she plays like she's high on something really goooooddddd. If I could be like her I'd gladly take whatever drug she's hooked too. The thing is, Sarah is all natural- 100%!!!!!!!
When you see her live, she holds you so tightly in the palm of her hand. She grants you permission to be free, to live without chains, ties or limitations, and she guides you into a brand new perspective- a whole new world! And come to think of it, you do feel like The Little Mermaid: thrust up against a rock with wild waves crashing all around you. AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Her new album, Land and Sea, is a masterpiece containing a pop/folk feel on one end, and a orchestral/euphoric feel on the other.
I can't really describe why this woman is so inspiring. SO in order to develop your own opinion you must do the follow:

1) See her in concert. She's coming to Vancouver Nov 23, at the Rio Theatre
2) Stalk her website. Its has everything on it that has to do with art, because she can do EVERYTHING that has to do with art.
3) Watch the video, on the front page of her site, entitled Land and & Sea, Episode 9. You'll get a real feel for her depth and artistry

Listen and love xo