Tuesday 13 September 2011

For Lovers Only

Sunday night I was in the mood for a sappy romance and stumbled upon this on itunes:
For Lovers Only! It did the trick:)
Despite it's slow pace, the film holds your attention through its beautiful cinematography. I've never witnessed so many close up shots in my life, but it was necessary. The lead actress had features of a 1950's classical dame. You felt a part of each embrace she shared with the only other star in the film. Their chemistry made you painfully long for that same intensity in your own relationship. Thank goodness some scenes were quite over exaggerated, reminding you that THIS IS NOT REALITY!
It was fun to escape into a black and white world though. The past lovers themselves gallivanted around France, retreating from their married lives back home. It makes you ponder your own time line. It makes you ponder how much you should leave up to fate or how much you should be in the drivers seat. How long can we follow our hearts without hurting those around us? Yet how long can we live in our heads without hurting ourselves? The film sways back and forth between these two struggles.
All in all, this flick is about pure, intense, bright rouge romance, love and compatibility. It's beautiful, it's creative, and its appealing for the eyes and heart.
Do watch if you're feeling gushy or if you need of some art in your life.
Enjoy xo