Sunday 14 August 2011

The Sound of Sri

This is one of my favourite playlists yet! In class today, I read from "The Ringing Cedars" book series. The paragraph explains beautifully that when we become still enough, sensitive enough, to our surroundings we become one with it all. We connect, and are reminded of the Oneness. The pores on our skin open, the ears expand, our nostrils pulsate, and we the Universe moves through us. This is when we're fully aligned with the cosmos, natural, each other and ourselves. This is when we feel most at home.
I wanted to create a playlist to go along with this euphoric experience. Hopefully the arrangement of tunes will sweep you away to your special place in nature. You may discover a deserted beach paradise, find yourself lying in the middle of a wheat field, floating face up down a river, flying high above the ocean, or standing tall on the highest hill!
Enjoy xo

1) Aqueous Transmission- Incubus
2) Separator- Radiohead
3) Look Up - Zero 7
4) Brand New Day- Sting
5) Road To Somewhere- Goldfrapp
6) Porcelain- Moby
7) Guramayle- Gigi
8) Holocene- Bon Iver
9) Hourglass- Garth Stevenson
10) Give Up The Ghost- Radiohead

"Do you hear my heart beating? Now I shall increase the tempo of my heartbeat and you listen to see what happens all around."
Anastasia's heartbeat increased in frequency, and right away the rhythm of sounds I could hear around me joined in with a heightened tonality.
"Everything-absolutely everything: a little blade of grass, a big tree, even the bugs- they all react to any change in the rhythm of my heart. The trees accelerate their inner processes, and work harder to produce oxygen. I shall tune the rhythm of my heartbeat to yours, and you will feel it."
Little by little her heat adjusted its tuning and began beating in the same rhythm as mine. And something more amazing happened: I felt an unusually pleasant sensation, as though my mother and my relatives were right beside me. A sense of softness and good health came over my body, and my heart was filled with joy, freedom and a whole new sense of creation.
The range of surrounding sounds caressed me and communicated the truth- not a truth comprehensible in all it's detail, just something I felt intuitively. I had the impression that all the pleasing and joyous feelings I had ever experienced in my life were now merging into a single and wonderful sensation. Perhaps it is the sensation that is called happiness. ~ Anastasia- The Ringing Cedars Series