Sunday 23 May 2010

Why Yoga Continues to Blow My Mind!

Trying to teach yourself anatomy is really impossible. However, my "Key Poses of Hatha Yoga" book makes it easy... and this is starting to sound like a commercial. No but really, it's actually making me excited about bones and muscles.
Look what I learned today!
If a muscle is first used, at a really early age, (ex. the psoas is first used, when an 8 month old sits up, for the first time) the brain recognizes that the muscle will be used a lot in life. Therefore, it labels it as an '"unconscious muscle", to conserve energy.
Yoga however, works to place new demands on the body and brain. By performing asana, these once unconscious, almost numb, muscles are brought back to awareness. This new consciousness eventually creates a stronger inner knowing, and body clairvoyance.
Don't lose me, there's more.
Ok, so the nervous system assigns and divides brain power based on need. For example, the hands and feet have a higher representation in the brain, because it needs a higher level of conscious movement. The amount of power set aside to the thumb is greater then the entire pelvic region. Makes sense, as this area (2rd chakra) can feel foreign and hard to access. Neurons can't be increased for muscle groups, but can be moved around! This is where yoga steps in, to bring movement, body consciousness, deep meditation and awakening!
Is this cool, or am I just a HUGE loser?

Please feel free to shed more light on the topic