Friday 3 June 2016

"Sense Thing" ~ A Quote by Brian Andreas

THIS QUOTE! It can be interpreted many different ways and applied to many areas of your life. Let's relate this to yoga.  
     It is important to remember that yoga is a practice that can take lifetimes to master. Every body is different and what might make sense to one body might not make sense to another's. For that matter, let go of what you think your body should look like or what you think your practice should look like.  As we know, life is full of fluctuations- of ups and downs. We'll experience moments of great clarity and great confusion. If we can surrender to the flow, and release expectations and our need to control and contort, we have a greater chance of ceasing suffering, making room for freedom, spontaneity and joy! Thank you, Brian Andreas, for reminding us to not compare ourselves to others, for reminding us that we really know nothing at all, and that a lot of what occurs in life is out of our hands.