Saturday 13 July 2013

Advance Your Asana: A Series of Workshops

challenge yourself. ASK ?s. EXPLORE. take your time. gain confidence. Build COMMUNITY. Be Inspired.

1:30-3 pm at Unity Yoga (604)708-8369
$75 for all 3 workshops
or $30 each
Contact Unity to reserve your spot as space is limited (max 14 students)

Join Emily Millen and Sarah Crawford Russell this September for this fun and interactive three part workshop series for the dedicated yogi. Each workshop will focus on a specific theme, allowing participants to deeply immerse themselves in the practice while learning new skills and possibly a few helpful tricks too! Be ready to challenge your yoga practice and empower yourself.

Sun. Sept 8 - Dude, Where's My Core?
Your core is at the very centre of yourself and your practice! The belly is the area of the 3rd chakra, which deals with our willpower and drive. Through strengthening exercises and detailed alignment, we'll light up this chakra and apply our newfound awareness to arm balances and inversions.

Sun. Sept 15 -What's Up Dawg? 

Plank, to chaturagna, to up dog, to down dog. It all happens so fast, so let us break it down for ya! We'll explore the shoulder girdle and prepare the back so you can perform your vinyasa safely and precisely.

Sun. Sept 22 – The Tragically Hips

Hip openers – WHAT, WHY, HOW? Learn the benefits of hip openers, why they are important and how to perform them safely. You will gain a greater understanding of the detailed anatomy of your hips and how to use them more efficiently both on and off your mat!

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