Saturday 16 June 2012

Playlist For My Ladies @ Semperviva Yoga


Today is June 16th... and it's pouring rain,'s cold...and everything looks black and white.
     I taught on Granville Island, at Semperviva Yoga. The studio there hangs right over the water. It's almost made up entirely of windows, the ceilings are high and decorated with solid wood beams, and to top it off the floors creek! On days like these, there is nowhere else I want to be.
       However, when I walked in it was quite difficult to pick up on the energy in the room. Personally, I was craving a cozy class, but half of the students seemed quite lively. Mmmm, what music do I play and how to a cater appropriately?
     I scrolled through some playlists, but nothing was resonating with the complicated vibe. Instead, I just asked everyone what they were in the mood for: Bumpin Reggae or Yummy Folk.
      Both answers were thrown at me!!! GREAT...I shouldn't have asked.
      Why not make everyone happy? I scrambled to help these two very different musical styles find unity and quickly mixed them together. After some dissecting and resembling we rocked out to a not so shabby playlist.
          And by request, HERE IT IS !!!!!!!!!

1) Jamming~ Bob Marley
2) Mile Maker~ The Innocence Mission
3) Bloom~ Paper Kites
4) I've Got This Friend~ Civil Wars
5) Track #3 (not sure of title) ~ Finely Quay
6) Fears~ Jono McCleery
7) Swing~ Zero 7
8) New Love~ Josh Heinrichs
9) I am A Light~ Sarah Slean
10) More Love~ Molyah
11) Je Te Laisserai Des Mots~ Patrick Watson
12) Redford~ Sufjan Stevens
13) Swimming Pools~ Patrick Watson