Thursday 24 November 2011

Recommendations for Inspiration #3: Sleeping at Last

WHO : Sleeping at Last
WHAT: Singer/Songwriter, with a Damien Rice/Bon Iver feel
WHY: The sex scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn was the only time I was moved, because this band was playing. I couldn't wait for the film to be over so I could go home and drool over their every detail; forget Robert Pattinson!
I stumbled upon their most recent album called, Yearbook, which contains 36 tracks of breathtaking masterpieces. The multi-instrumentalist performed most of the parts, from melodies on the piano, acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, right down to occasional violin parts.
The strings are full and at times too rich to digest. And this detail even goes beyond the instrumentation. Each lyric is laid perfectly to rest deep in your guts, softly in your heart, or wildly in your imagination. Every song is different, and every song leaves you with a different after taste. Even though he wrote 3 brand new songs, every month, for a year, nothing is stale or boring about this album.
Now is the perfect time to bring Sleeping at Last into your life. It screams hibernation, bubble bath, snowy/rainy walks, savasana, a winter drive down country roads, cuddles by candlelight, reading by the fire, a slow and beautiful lovemaking session..... you get the idea!

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy