Saturday 29 October 2011

Alex & Emily's Adventures

Exciting, exciting news!
My great friend, fellow student of yoga, and fellow teacher, Alex Mazerolle, and I are leading our first retreat together.
Miss. Mazerolle is an Anusara Inspired teacher who is hungry for life. Her way of living inspires you to life just like she does: from the heart :) She recently finished up her second retreat to Bodega Ridge, on Galiano Island.
We both have had a taste for what BC has to offer it's yogis and are now ready for warmer ocean, whiter beach and HOTTER SUN!!!
So we'd like to introduce our next adventure......

Punta Monterrey Yoga Reatreat: Authentic Mexican, Authentic Yoga

Join us, at this family run oasis, Feb 11th-18th, 2011

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Lets go chase the sun:)
Emily xo

P.S. Here is a sneak peak of Punta Monterrey's private beach...