Monday 9 May 2011

Wenn's Dream

This was taken from a spoken word/song I stumbled across. It grabbed me, as it related closely to the constant journey on the mat.
For me yoga makes me feel more like myself. Every time we step on our plastic rectangles we know a layer will be shed. Also we know that an old piece of ourselves will die off, and we'll resonate closer and closer to our highest expression, our highest potential, and to our ultimate dharma.
In saying that often times our practice can be a struggle. Maybe that just means we've come across a layer that held a lot of junk sitting, on it's surface. But thats just it: it's just surface shit, and we know our real light is just a breath away.
Yoga gives us faith that we will re-discover our satya (truth), and that we will live it out fully.
Yoga lovingly forces your, once tiny, voice, through your vocal chords to resonate the whole world.
Yoga doesn't let us sell ourselves short, during the short time we have on this planet!
Don't believe me? Don't believe in yourself? Well, fake believe until you make it, and see what happens :)
Enjoy xo

~ I had this dream that my mouth opened up, and inside I could see myself standing with two woman on either side of me.
They wanted to show me my reflection.
They wanted to show me my reflection.
To get to it, I had to comb my way, alone, through the layers of flesh inside my throat.
I kept separating and separating, walking in deeper and darker, until finally I found the mirror.
Then there they were: those two woman beside me, again holding my arms.
They told me to open my mouth to sing.
At first I couldn't. I strained, but nothing came out.
I hadn't sang in a while, and it hurt!
But one of them whispered, "Try," as the other handed me glass of water.
I sipped, and at last it came!
At last it came my voice!
I made a sound so beautiful, the two of them had to let go.
~ by The Dwindlers

Picture 1: taken in Cathedral Grove, BC
Picture 3: taken in the Red Fort, India