Sunday 22 May 2011

Interviews of Fellow Teachers Kickoff!

Every month, I've decided to interview a different yoga teacher, in the Vancouver community. This idea came to me after reading an article in The Yoga Journal. World renown yoga teacher, Seane Corn talks about mentoring Los Angeles teacher, Kathryn Budig. As yoga teachers are popping up everywhere, Corn stressed how important it is to shake of the competitive vibe, teaches how to turn the insecurities around.

"Seane really inspired me not only to not worry about how I'm doing but also to help others. It takes much more energy to be competitive with someone than it does to embrace them, nurture them, " Kathryn recalls.

Read these interviews! Even if you're not into yoga, I suggest it! We have so many breathtaking teachers in our kula (community), so who wouldn't want to get into their ingenious minds. I bet you won't be able to shake these wise beings. They have a way of staying with you, either in your brain, under your skin or in your hearts!