Monday 30 August 2010

It's been SOOOOO Long!

Hey All,
Wow I haven't blogged in so long. Thats what summer does to you I guess. Mmmmm what's new. * Enjoyed two weeks at my family cabin, in Ontario! It's actually a "cottage", but I gotta translate for the BCers!
* Ray LaMontagne has a new CD out. It's very mellow, but is perfect to play after a hard days work. Light some candles, cook a fragrant supper, put on your comfy cozies and play this album.
* Check out my new sched for the fall. I'm subbing in between, so if you're interested in those times email me.
* So many ppl around me are pregnant. What is with that?
* My older sister got engaged. She's the first one to go out of the 4 kids. We're growing up. We shed some tears :(
* FINALLY GOT INTO FULL LOTUS. This is huge for me, as I'm the "tight hip girl" and I LOVED hanging onto my "bad knee story". Guess that has been shed. My body is changing. Thank you yoga. I love you...
* Still loving my camera, so let me know if you want to do a photo shoot cheap!

That's it for now.
Just like as the kids are buckling down for school and a schedule, I'm doing the same with my blogging. Although fall equals a lot of yummy things, it does mean back to work.

Till next time,
Namaste, and see you on the mat!